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On this site you can see the complete rallye autographs collection of Thorsten Thomale.

Last update on 20.10.2022

About me

My name is Thorsten Thomale and I am 41 years old.

Cars are fascinating me since my childhood and naturaly also the motorsport. Rallysport I get to know by TV and learned to love it directly. I get my first autographs in 2001 during the Motor-Show in Essen. I am a real collector since 2002.

Since that time many things happened with my collection and I hope it will be continued.
In my collection you can find autographs of professionals and amateurs, because it`s my oppinion that everyone, who does this beautiful sport, deserved it to be added to my collection.

I collect autographs from rallysport and rallyraid too, but only cars or trucks. Even drivers and also co-drivers. I created this homepage, because I want to be able to show my collection to other ones and also I hope to get more and new autographs. I am happy if you write something into my guestbook.

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